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About AwesomeSnoozie

Neha Bhasin Sharma is a partner in Awesome Snoozie. She is a graduate from Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom.

Neha is a mother of two daughters and it was only when she decided to do up their nurseries and play room that she was faced with the daunting task of home furnishings and accessories. "I wanted my girls' nursery and room to be absolutely new and different, however, what the regular market had to offer me was very limited and outdated. There were only few selective market places and online sites where I could get some things but even those were not exclusive. The prices were exorbitant and the designs limited. This fix is what got me thinking. I had plenty of experience both in the professional front and motherhood, but rarely had the opportunity to combine the two".

Our Vision

Awesome Snoozie is a venture started by Neha B. Sharma. It is a one stop shop for baby nurseries, toddler rooms and play rooms. The product range includes all furnishings and accessories. The company was envisioned with the idea of self determination and Awesome Snoozie takes pride in the fact that it is one of the few in the field that manufacture and customise all their products to meet every customer’s individual demands.

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Latest Projects
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The client’s brief was to make something very exclusive and on jungle theme.
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The client brief in this room was simple, the colour had to be light and only accessories...
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The idea of this nursery was to make a Colonial Royal Circus tent.
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Sales hours
7am - 7pm IST
Awesome Snoozie enterprises LLP
C-29 basement, Sector-2, Noida