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Neha Bhasin is a partner in Awesome Snoozie. She is a graduate from Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom.

Neha is a mother of two daughters and it was only when she decided to do up their nurseries and play room that she was faced with the daunting task of home furnishings and accessories. "I wanted my girls' nursery and room to be absolutely new and different, however, what the regular market had to offer me was very limited and outdated. There were only few selective market places and online sites where I could get some things but even those were not exclusive. The prices were exorbitant and the designs limited. This fix is what got me thinking...I had plenty of experience both in the professional front and motherhood, but rarely had the opportunity to combine the two".

Becoming an entrepreneur was the farthest thing that she had imagined for herself. But in Awesome Snoozie, her passion as a mother and perfection as an Interior Designer have blended perfectly. Awesome Snoozie for her is the dream of fusing the perks of motherhood in a highly work driven society. "This brand completely defines me. it's not only about me but it is a reflection of every mother in the world today".

Over the years the work branched in many directions and soom showcased into Neha Bhasin Interiors, a new avatar of Awesome Snoozie Interiors.

Her experiences have culminated into a successful run of both the ventures that we today celebrate.

Our Vision

The Awesome Snoozie Interiors & Neha Bhasin Interiors mission is to provide a personalised interior design service for residential and commercial properties that is both personal and cost-effective. Projects will be delivered on time and on budget with an unsurpassed attention to detail.

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